Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jesus Outed in Megachurch, Film at 11, Part 8

"So you do know and make it happen," I asked.

"No, and yes."

"I'm confused" I sighed, then chugged a few gulps of wine and ripped off some bread.

"Let me give you an example," he said.

"Look at the lovely bread and feel how good the wine is."

"Well originally when I talked about the bread and wine being my blood and body I was being metaphorical. The 'love-feasts' of the early church understood it in a much more organic way. They saw every meal as special and grounded in my very being. So as often as they ate bread and drank wine they did so in a very real communion with me."

"It was a main staple of existence," he continued. "So it was as natural a communion as breathing in and breathing out."

"So what do you do with it now and all the rules and prohibitions and extra stuff attached...and the doing it once a month!?"

"Hold on cowboy," he said. "We changed our mind."

"You what?!"

"WE changed our mind," he said.

"We?..okay..okay..I don't wanna know..." I said hurriedly.

"You can't change your mind," I said finally. "You are omnipotent."

"Right, but not omnipotent enough to change our Mind?"

I could see I was trapped in my own argument.

"How's the cheese?" I asked.

"It's very good," he said. "Can I have some more? And how about another splash of that wine?"

We sat there, well actually laid down and just looked up at the blanket of trees above.

"So you change your Mind?"

"Mac, it's hard to explain to you. I'm sorry. But it's there in the histories."

"The histories?"

"Yeah...we spent a lotta time setting that up. There...that's an example of premeditated planning sometimes thousands of years ahead of time. But within that is always relationship."


"Yes, all that 'is' is bound in relationship in more forms than you can imagine, but also held together in me."

"In you?"


"Well then I am hanging with you if you do not mind."

"I do not mind at all. I rather like you. In fact I like you a lot more than you like yourself."

"No comment."

"Suit yourself."


"Do you remember the story of when Lot was in Sodom."

"Vaguely," I said. "It was a pretty wild town."

"Well actually no. It was really a dead pun intended."

"None taken," I said, "But God destroyed the town because they were homosexuals right?"

"Do you actually read the histories?" he sighed.

"Yeah, sure."

"Can I have some more of that bread?" he asked.

"Sure...hey how does that work for you when you eat bread and drink wine...kind of a double-triple irony huh?"

He rolled his eyes and slumped back.

"look we can take you back to the cleaning closet anytime you are ready." I said jokingly.

"we'll get back there soon enough."


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