Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jesus Outed in Megachurch, Film at 11, Part 2

The preacher/pastor, a lively and passionate man named Steven White pranced back and forth with a wide gleam. He spoke passionately about his new book "The 7 keys to Successful Living" and then invited his wife to come up and explain the various children's and women's minitries.

Behind him sat associates, about twenty in all, but I guessed their were more serving throughout the Megaplex.

Then there were prayers offered for our leaders and troops and a short play.

Finally came the sermon. There was a quote from Proverbs, then another from Acts.

The sermon referenced neither of these in a way I could detect.

I kept wondering where Jesus was in all of this? What did jesus say about hate, war and cruelty? What words did he have for the religious? If he was here now what would he think of this.

Then it hit me. Of course he was here. I mean, at the core of Christian belief is the notion that God became incarnate (which by the way means that the body is good) and was resurrected to life and is alive...right today.

So why, if these were Christians, did they treat Jesus as if he was stone-cold dead and just an idea? Why did they commemorate him and use him in a formulaic way, but then ignore him entirely.

I said a quick prayer in my head.

"Are you here?"

"Of course I am here," came the reply in my head.

"That you my head?"

"Well I'm a bit indisposed right now, but who else would it be?"

"Well, you know what they say..."

"What, that you are crazy? Hehe"

"No, the other thingy...bad guy."

"Oh he cannot hear your thoughts, he's just good at guessing....kinda like Dr. Phil."

"Okay, so I am not crazy?"

"No, but only if you believe me and not your ex-wives."

"I'm gonna go with you on this one."

"Where are you right now...aren't you supposed to be down front and center?"

"Well that was the plan, but they did it to me again," said the voice.

"Did what?"

"I'm in the closet."

"In the what?"

"On deck two, near section 101 ...I'm locked in the closet."

"Yer joking," I said, semi-aloud...

"What?" asked Bob.

"Er, nothing. Hey I gotta know...I'll be back. Save my seat."

I walked out across the deeply carpeted expanse and ducked into the men's room. I splashed water on my face and thought about leaving straight away. But I was intrigued by then. And you know what they say about the cat...

I sat down in a stall and put my face in my hands.

"You back?" came the voice. "I thought you had deserted me."

"I was thinking about it. Sorry."

"Naw..I'm use to it. Happens all the time."

"But I thought you were the 'Hound of heaven'."

"Where do you get that?"

"I dunno. Jonathan Edwards?"

"Oh he was such a tight-ass." said the voice. "Look I may be a Lion and I may be a Lamb, but I ain't Dog. Your'e the one with the Doghouse, not me."

"Oh so you know about that?"

"Sigh... Look I am on level 2, near section 101, I could really use some help here."

"Okay, I'm on my way."

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